Build Queries

Use the graphical query builder to build SQL statements in a intuitive visual manner.


Store Queries

Store SQL statements created either directly or visually to be then dropped in plugins.



Use the existing plugins in the framework or create unique custom built ones.



Generate PDF files of summary table data created using custom sort and search parameters.



    The Ajqvue commercial interest is organized through Dandy Made Productions and is headed up by Dana M. Proctor. The services offered are oriented around Ajqvue plugin development, coding.

    Ajqvue, is an acronym for, "A Java Query Vue", and the project was started as a way to allow easy access through a GUI, graphical user interface, to database data to insure the ability to setup test cases for an inventory management project. At the time very few primative tools were available to access data in a database via a GUI. Most access was defined by the databases' own command line tools which were powerful, but difficult to use by the average individual.

Since that time the generic easy to use Ajqvue database access tool has expanded to include more advanced features, profiling, and plotting of data. Ajqvue is a free open source application and may be freely downloaded and used by anyone.     Great pride is taken in trying to create ethical software that does not knowingly modify, or change files or a system's configuration beyond the user's request. Ajqvue does not performs any type of monitoring or reporting on the user's behavior with its use.