DC Crime Incidents

Step One:

Perform a selected pattern analysis on one of the table fields. In this case the table field selected was, Block X Coordinate. (Latitude Pattern)

Step Two:

Search the database table for the key pattern, Block X Coordinate 397162. As seen from the database table search for the Block X Coordinate 397162 we see the Block Y Coordinate is not the same for the reported pattern, but most are coordinate 140182. The two coordinates combined give 3100-3299 Block of 14th St NW. An additional pattern analysis for that address alone reveals that this is indeed the top crime incident location. (Latitude Search)

Step Three:

A search of the Google maps brings up the neighborhood and the site of a comercial district. (Google Search)

Step Four:

Perform an analysis on the pattern to obtain additional information about the crimes which turns out to have a 95.7% frequency of Theft/Other. In so doing we also validate the occurrence number of incidences, 303, for the combined Block X/Y Coordinate. (Analysis)

    Any statistics shown here are based on the 2012 Washington DC crimes incidents data as provided from Digital Public Square. Dandy Made Productions is not responsible for the accuracy or lack therein of the data or analysis.

Dana M. Proctor
Dandy Made Productions

Crime Incidents Pattern Map 2006-2010
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