November 2023

Ajqvue Update Comming Soon

    The Ajqvue project is currently updating the application and will release a newer version soon. Surprising Ajqvue has very few issues with the current supported JRE, last compilation was with JRE 8, and the supported databases. Testing has already been done with PostgreSQL 14, and 15. The next release will support PostgreSQL 16, but the current version I expect as no or very few issues. An amount of work has already been performed with the H2 database because of Data Type additions, redefinition's.

October 2020

Ajqvue Version 3.3 Released

    The Ajqvue project is pleased to release v3.3 to the public. The release brings updates to the included File/Memory database libraries. Modifications to image saves for sizing. Added was support for PostgreSQL 13 along with data types money, smallserial, macaddr8, line, and uuid. Precision is now supported for time and timestamp types for those databases that support it. Code cleanup and consolidation.